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How to Get Motivated

The past few months have been challenging for me for several reasons. From family drama to being recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I found myself falling into unhealthy bad habits and blaming it on everything else but myself. The medication my doctor started me on is extremely hard on the body and I have to get my blood tested once a month to ensure my liver and kidneys are still functioning properly while on the medication. I have been on the treatment for almost 4 months and I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. The side effects I have been dealing with on a daily basis have been headaches, migraines, weakness, and sleepiness. I spend almost all of my free time watching movies or binging on Netflix. I have been avoiding social activities and anything outside for months and I am ready to make a change! But where do I start? How do I start? What if I’m tired? What if it’s raining outside?



Here are a few of the things I like to do to increase my energy level and start becoming more productive again when you’re stuck in a FUNK!

Step 1: Call Yourself Out

Grab a notebook and make a list of all the bad

habits that are keeping you from achieving the things you want to accomplish. Get real with yourself and really write out what it is that’s bothering you. Once you know what you need to change you can make a PLAN to change these habits in a real way. Having a place to write down anything from ideas to recipes is a great way to get out all the information scrambling up your mind. I found this one on Amazon which has bound dividers you can use to keep your thoughts even further organized.

Step 2: Make a Plan

One you assess what is standing in your way set some realistic goals on how you can change. One of my bad habits I am currently working on is the ability to wake up earlier than I need to. I know I hit the snooze button every morning for at least 30 minutes so my initial goal was to set my timer for an extra 30 minutes earlier so I can start waking up a little earlier. I also set my phone up on a new charging station across my bedroom so that I actually have to get up to turn it off.

Create a routine to be more productive and successfull on a daily basis.
This is my notebook page I used to brainstorm ideas for my own routine and changes I wanted to make for myself on a daily basis to be more productive.


Step 3: Routine

Once you make a plan and set some short term goals you know you can achieve it’s time to make yourself a routine. Routines are great for getting yourself into healthier habits.¬†following a daily routine will ensure that completing these tasks daily will lead to them becoming habitual. Since I am struggling with my morning and night routines I sat down and created a simple list of the daily morning and night tasks I want to achieve on a daily basis. One huge thing I recommend adding to your routine is getting outside! Being outdoors and taking in this beautiful planet and allowing yourself to just “be” is so important for your mental health. I am not big on meditation but this is just as good for those of you like me who can’t sit still for too long.

Step 4: Begin!

Having a plan means nothing if you don’t implement it. Even if you start by changing one thing daily it’s a start. The key is to just begin! One thing I have turned into a habit is making my bed every morning. Completing a simple task like this gets me motivated to tackle my day. Even though it may be something small it’s a way to trick your brain into feeling like you’re getting things done. Ever have that feeling when you start to clean and you keep finding more areas that also need to be cleaned? ? It’s your brain gaining momentum! The more you accomplish the better you feel and you just get into a groove and clean until it’s done! I found a self help book titled You are a Badass.¬†This book is a great way to get yourself feeling more powerful and definitely motivated to get more from your life.


Step 4: Keep it Up

Try not to be too hard on yourself but set some hard and fast rules for yourself to prevent slipping back into old habits.

Here are my top 5 hard and fast rules:

  1. I wake up every morning by 7AM.
  2. I have my coffee and check emails every morning.
  3. I make my bed every day before I leave the house.
  4. I wash my face and moisturize every night.
  5. I am in bed resting with screens off by 10pm.

Telling yourself your own rules or positive affirmations sets the tone for yourself and the behaviors you want to exude, If you want to be like the girl bosses you see who have it all together you can! The change starts with you and once you start you will be able to say… “I get up early every morning, I conquer my day with positive energy, I can achieve my goals.”

You can get out of this lazy funk and rejoin the world that is still spinning without you but you are the only one who can make it happen. Be real with yourself and set some realistic goals and aspirations. Find something that makes you excited to start your day and make a difference in your overall mood.


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All about the Kids

I created this blog to share my ideas on creative ways to entertain the children in your life. I started creating and designing items for kids when my daughter turned one. Her birthday is only five days after Halloween and I have found myself going on a creative binge every year in the fall. I have made handmade costumes and one of a kind party games for the last 7 years and I love it! I usually try to match her Halloween costume with her Birthday party theme each year. My plan is to use this blog to inspire and teach other parents and teachers to create DIY projects, games and even costumes for the kids in their lives. This year my daughter wants to be Moana so I plan on buying all the materials and sharing her costume and how you can make it yourself too. My daughter loves that I take the time to make her a one of a kind costume each year. I also enjoy baking and decorating her birthday cake as well as holiday treats. I look forward to sharing my recipes and baked good ideas for kids on my blog as well. Look around and feel free to contact me with questions or feedback. I look forward to building this new online community and sharing my ideas with everyone.