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Creating a Living Dream Board

I started my first dream board this year and it has been amazingly motivational and my goals and dreams have been coming true all year long! I definitely underestimated the power of something as simple as a dream board. This year has been huge for me as I am currently in the middle of changing my career. I have been a Senior Pharmacy Technician for 18 years and 2 years ago I discovered my true passion in an elementary school classroom. My daughters Kindergarten teacher embraces my natural talent for teaching and working with kids and I found myself in the classroom for up to 5 hours a week while still working full time in the pharmacy. Being in the classroom brought out a side of me I never knew existed and I felt like I finally found my true purpose and my true happy place. I started researching what I needed to do to start the process and my daughters teacher told me all about the Education program through National University which is an online program suited perfectly for someone like me who is a single parent working full time. And so my journey began….

Where did the dream board come in???

I breezed through my online courses but when it came to passing my Teacher Performance Assessments, or TPAs, I was struggling to get the motivation to make it happen. One of the last steps in getting your teaching credential is Student Teaching. This is a 19 week teaching experience where you are in the classroom with a Master Teacher learning first hand how to teach and by the end of it you are teaching the class on your own with the guidance of your Master Teacher. To get there I had to pass my first two TPAs which are 50 page written exams. I missed the opportunity to start student teaching twice because I wasn’t putting in the time and effort to just get it done! Part of me feels like I was just afraid to finally make the jump into something totally different. I am one of the best technicians in pharmacy and I am so confident and know so much about the Healthcare world and it was terrifying to jump into something new that I know nothing about. Towards the end of 2018 I had a new deadline to get these papers done and to motivate myself I decided to come up with a visual dream board because I had read so many blogs and watched so many YouTube videos about self motivation and the power of manifestation. Below is a picture of this dream board and I plan to come back to this blog at the end of the year to check off what I have accomplished and update you guys on my accomplishments for 2019!



The power of manifestation is real!


Aspiring teacher who loves to work and play with children. Crafting and creating new ways to have fun with kids at home, school, or parties!

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