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Back to School Slime Gift Tags

I love giving my students a little something to celebrate Holidays, milestones, back to school or even Birthdays. On this page I will share with you my current creations and ideas for making your own personalized gifts for your students that are sure to make their day!

After I finished my student teaching here in Encinitas California I wanted to give my Third grade class and my Kinder/First Grade combo class something to remember me by as well as a cute way to help them keep in touch with me if they wanted to. I knew right away that I wanted to give them something having to do with slime! Kids of every age are into this oooy gooey fun to play with SLIME. So I started my quest to find the perfect way to give each and every one of my kiddos their very own slime to take home as a gift to remember me by. I found these awesome little slime barrels that come as a 24 pack on Amazon.

Barrel O Slime Mud Sludge Putty – Wet, Non Sticky, | 6 Colors | Stress Relief, Super Soft & Squishy Toy for Kids |Jumbo Pack | 24 Pcs

I also purchased Wilton’s clear treat bags to put the slime barrels in. I wanted to have a way to give the gift to the kids that they could safely take home. These bags also come with little silver bag ties that I utilized to help keep the bags closed while I attached the ribbon.

Wilton Clear Treat Bags, 100-Count

I searched the internet forever looking for a fun and vibrant gift tag to attach to the bags but I didn’t like anything I found so…..I created my own! You can download these gift tags from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Simply print, whole punch, and attach to your slime in a bag! The kids went crazy for this sLiMy surprise! I hope you and your students love it too!

I also created sLiMe gift tags for Back to School as well! Check them out here on my TPT store!


Aspiring teacher who loves to work and play with children. Crafting and creating new ways to have fun with kids at home, school, or parties!

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