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Kids Halloween Birthday Party

My daughters birthday is only a few days after Halloween so a few years ago when Halloween fell on a weekend I decided to have a Halloween themed birthday party for her. The Disney movie The Descendants had released this year so my daughter wanted to be the character Mal from the movie and I was her mother Maleficent! I bought my costume online and for her costume I took the help from Disney and ordered her a Mal jacket from the Disney Store. I hand make her costumes every year but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the great leather detailing with my basic sewing machine. Her undershirt is a basic black V-neck tee with some black batting sewn into the front. The gloves I ordered on amazon. Once they arrived I customized them by cutting off the tips of each finger. For the pants I had her wear black tights underneath a pair of basic purple leggings which I distressed with a pair of scissors and a wash through the laundry. I actually did this while she was wearing them so I could get the holes exactly where I wanted them on the legs. I Google searched images of Mal and zoomed in on her legs and went from there.


To save money I went to the Dollar Tree store in August (2 months before Halloween) and grabbed up everything I needed for this holiday themed birthday party. If you are hosting any holiday themed party I highly recommend checking out your local Dollar Tree or 99 cent store for some inexpensive adorable decorations! Going early ensured that I had first pick at so many cute things because Halloween was far from everyone’s minds in the middle of August. Below are some images of some of the things I picked up like streamers, witches boot, purple spider tray, candy corns, skeleton hand, and a large orange serving tray, oh and the table cover you see in the picture above as well.

I searched the web for ideas on fun games and activities to do with the kids and of course applied my own twist.

DIY Halloween Party Games for Kids

  1. Wrap the Mummies! (mommies) – I split the kids into two groups and gave each of them a roll of toilet paper. The fastest team to wrap their mummy wins! The kids loved this game! The one suggestion I have is to minimize the amount of kids per team. We had about 6 kids per team and the kids had a hard time working around each other to wrap around each mommy. I also made sure I had a giant trash bag ready for the huge mess of toilet paper once the activity was over. The kids jumped, threw and played in the toilet paper madness but they had so much fun. After the bag was full we drew a funny pumpkin face on the bag making it a giant pumpkin decoration for the room. If you can find those large pumpkin leaf bags this would be a great way to get it done and reuse all the toilet paper. I purchased the toilet paper at Dollar tree as well to save on cost for this activity.IMG_4787
  2. Monster Sack Races- Another hit was the front yard monster sac races we did. I found these monster sacs on Amazon. This comes in a pack of six so we had the kids take turns racing across the front yard. The kids wanted to run the races several times and this photo opportunity was super cute!

    3. Monster Bean Bag Toss- I originally found this idea while searching through kids Halloween games on Pinterest but I couldn’t find anything I really liked that was simple to make. I ended up finding a tall empty box at work and decided to turn it into a monster themed bean bag toss game for the party. If you work in retail like I do you can hunt down a box like this easily. If not check with some family and friends for help finding a box for you to use and repurpose. I got the image ideas from my Cricut Cartridge Scrapbooking Mini Monster Shapes. I chose 3 monsters that had a simple and fun design that I felt comfortable recreating on a large scale. First I took apart the images and created large shapes I could trace onto the box. After I traced the shapes for the mouth I used a box cutter to cut out the mouths of the monsters. Be sure to use pencil to draw a rough image of your monster. Once you add paint you can smooth everything out. I also made sure to paint all of my lighter colors before adding the black outline into the details of each monster. I used DecoArt DASK279 Crafter’s Acrylics Home Décor Brights Sample Packfor this project. This activity was so much fun! Be sure to add a large slot to the side of the box where the kids can retrieve their beanbags. I loved the way this turned out and I was able to keep it and reuse it for my daughters classroom Halloween parties.


    4. Witch Hat Ring Toss- This game was a fun and easy to make and the kids played it throughout the entire party. I started with a flat piece of cardboard and used pieces of thick card stock to make the witch hats. I used super glue to adhere all the parts of the witches hats together and onto the board so that they could make it through the ring tosses. To make the rings I used aluminum foil! I simply squeezed and shaped the foil into a ring. I then took some left over ribbon I had and wrapped the foil and closed it down with some hot glue.

  3. Food IdeasI kept the main food simple for the kids and just ordered pizzas. I love to bake so I really enjoyed making the treats for this party. I made chocolate cake and cupcakes. To get the shape of the ghost I used 2 rounds and a half of a sphere. Once stacked and crumb coated I draped over a piece of white fondant and added black fondant for the facial details. The base of the cake is just a larger round cake with my daughters name added.

To make the cookie spiders I used peanut butter cookies with a Original Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles Imported From The UK England in the middle. I used a sharp kitchen knife to gently cut these in half and place them in the center of the cookie after baking. I used melted milk chocolate for the little legs and some Wilton Candy Eyeballs,0.88 oz,Count of 50. To attach the eyes to the candy ball I used a dot of the melted milk chocolate. The kids loved these and they taste even better!

I did find the Frankenstein themed green cheese balls while shopping at Target and I thought they were a fun addition to the party. The problem with this was that the kids were not interested in even tasting these cheese balls because of the color! So I would recommend going for the pumpkin version if you see it.

The veggie tray was made using a large round tray I found at the dollar tree store. Just chop up some veggies and have fun decorating!



Aspiring teacher who loves to work and play with children. Crafting and creating new ways to have fun with kids at home, school, or parties!

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