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Going back to School in my 30’s

My life has been a whirl win of ups and downs trying to decide who I am and what I want out of my life. While in college as an undergrad my focus was on science with a desire to become a pharmacist or maybe even a nurse. I was married to my high school sweet heart and enjoying the ride of college and fun. When I was 23 I was diagnosed and hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism. This near death experience completely opened my eyes and made me re-think my current life choices. I have always loved children and my life long dream was to be a mother. In this moment my ex-husband and I decided we no longer wanted to wait and we started s=trying for a baby. I also went into high gear with my education and set myself up to finally graduate from college with a BS degree in General Biology.

On the baby front we weren’t having much luck so I started researching my genetic blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden. I found several research articles about the prophylactic use of Lovenox injections for women with my condition to get pregnant. Studies show that by thinning the blood women are more likely to keep their pregnancy because the risk of clotting and miscarriage is decreased. After talking to my hematologist she prescribed me once daily injections to keep my blood thin and within three months we were pregnant! I received my actual diploma in the mail while on bedrest with my daughter at the end of my pregnancy. I was in preterm labor, with contractions, for eight miserable weeks. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl in November of 2009 and have been loving my job as a mom ever since.

Fast-forward 7 years later and my daughter is all grown up and almost in 2nd grade! While she was in kindergarten I found myself volunteering in her classroom more and more and I loved it. Her teacher at the time was so inspirational and I started talking to her more and more about becoming a teacher. I started researching options for school and started the process right away. I currently work full-time as a Senior Pharmacy technician and I have been with the same company for 17 years. I got the job right after school and only interviewed for it because my mom worked for the company and got me an interview. I ended up being really good at the job and accelerated to the top very quickly. I like my job but it’s never been anything that excites me and pushes me to learn, grow, and challenge myself. I decided to go with the online schooling route to get my Multiple Subjects teaching credentialing as well as my Masters in Education with an emphasis in Technology. It has definitely been challenging being back in school so many years later. I am completely terrified to start a new career in my 30’s. I have been in the pharmacy world for so long and I am one of the best at what I do so I am confident at what I do and where I belong in my workplace. The thought of starting over is this wall in front of me and as I build the ladder I need to make it over that wall I am just scared about what will be on the other side. I am already learning so much and figuring out how big the world of teaching is.

I am ready to start this next chapter in my life and I am so excited that I have found something that I am so passionate about and I get to do everyday. There is still so much more to learn but I think the amazing thing about being a teacher is that you never stop learning.

No matter what age you are you should never settle for anything that doesn’t totally excite you and make you want to jump out of bed every morning. So many people have questioned my choice to return to school and become a teacher. “You won’t make any money.” “You have to put up with kids all day.” “You have to start a career all over.” My answer to these statements is always “ok?” Life is too short to work daily at a job you hate. I am tired of working in a corporate retail industry where I don’t matter. The only part of my job I am passionate about is helping the patients. I truly love the connections and bonds I have made with so many customers over the year and they treat me like I am part of their family.

I read a really good book recently titled “You are a Badass” by Jenn Sincero. This self help book is amazing and eye opening. I have a hard copy of the book and I also purchased the audible version which is narrated by Jenn Sincero herself. Whenever I am feeling down or doubting my journey I play the book in my car while I’m alone and it just boosts me up every time.

“Once you step away from the herd and let your true self shine you will probably find yourself in front of the opinion firing squad. Especially if you want to do the extraordinary and outside of everyone’s comfort zones. Which is why so many people run screaming from the lives they so love to live. ”
-Jen Sincero

The lesson here is no matter what anyone else thinks or believes you should always do what makes you happy. Most people will never achieve or do the things they really want to do in life because they are either to scared to do so or they listen to everyone around them telling them it’s a bad idea.

I have chosen to listen to my gut and dare to live the life I have always dreamed. I am a single mom working a full-time job, going to school online full time, and dare I say it, living at home again with my parents. I know that in the end I will be living the life I have always imagined and I have the love and support I need right here inside myself. I will continue to share my journey with all of you here online and I look forward to growing this blog and seeing where it takes me.

Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to read about me.



Aspiring teacher who loves to work and play with children. Crafting and creating new ways to have fun with kids at home, school, or parties!

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