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All about the Kids

I created this blog to share my ideas on creative ways to entertain the children in your life. I started creating and designing items for kids when my daughter turned one. Her birthday is only five days after Halloween and I have found myself going on a creative binge every year in the fall. I have made handmade costumes and one of a kind party games for the last 7 years and I love it! I usually try to match her Halloween costume with her Birthday party theme each year. My plan is to use this blog to inspire and teach other parents and teachers to create DIY projects, games and even costumes for the kids in their lives. This year my daughter wants to be Moana so I plan on buying all the materials and sharing her costume and how you can make it yourself too. My daughter loves that I take the time to make her a one of a kind costume each year. I also enjoy baking and decorating her birthday cake as well as holiday treats. I look forward to sharing my recipes and baked good ideas for kids on my blog as well. Look around and feel free to contact me with questions or feedback. I look forward to building this new online community and sharing my ideas with everyone.



Aspiring teacher who loves to work and play with children. Crafting and creating new ways to have fun with kids at home, school, or parties!

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